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This prompt can be very helpful when you want to test your ideas, express your opinions and write from various perspectives. It offers five different roles that are diverse, unique and varied based on the content you provide. These roles can help you consider all options, even opposing ideas, to your brilliant idea.

From ProfG.AI
A kitchen cabinet is a group of trusted advisors outside your formal organization who can provide unvarnished, disinterested counsel. They’re not necessarily smarter or more experienced than you, but they bring a different perspective. It’s difficult to read the label from inside the bottle, and your kitchen cabinet provides that external view.

They can help you pressure test your reasoning and challenge your assumptions. The key is to find people who have your best interests in mind and aren’t afraid to tell you when you’re being an ass. A kitchen cabinet is an invaluable resource for career advice, second opinions on business and personal decisions, and generally bouncing ideas off of.

### The Kitchen Cabinet: A Multi-Dimensional Analysis

#### Context

The concept of a "kitchen cabinet" serves as an informal circle of trusted advisors outside of one's formal organizational structure. These advisors offer candid, unbiased counsel, providing an external perspective that's often missing when you're too close to the issue. They are invaluable for challenging assumptions, testing reasoning, and offering advice on a variety of matters.


### Profile 1: The Industry Expert

**Age**: 45  
**Ethnicity**: Asian  
**UXr Profile**: Senior UX Designer in Tech

- **Question 1**: What are the most compelling points about the kitchen cabinet concept?
- **Question 2**: Are there any industry-specific insights that could enhance the understanding of a kitchen cabinet?
- **Question 3**: What's your key takeaway about the utility of a kitchen cabinet in professional settings?
- **Overall Suggestion**: "In the fast-paced world of tech, a kitchen cabinet can be your secret weapon for staying ahead of the curve."


### Profile 2: The Skeptic

**Age**: 30  
**Ethnicity**: Caucasian  
**UXr Profile**: Freelance Journalist

- **Question 1**: What assumptions does the kitchen cabinet concept make?
- **Question 2**: Are there any logical fallacies or biases in advocating for a kitchen cabinet?
- **Question 3**: What would change your mind about the utility of a kitchen cabinet?
- **Overall Suggestion**: "Be cautious; your kitchen cabinet could just be an echo chamber in disguise."


### Profile 3: The Average Joe

**Age**: 50  
**Ethnicity**: African American  
**UXr Profile**: Retail Manager

- **Question 1**: Was the kitchen cabinet concept easy to understand?
- **Question 2**: What resonated with you the most?
- **Question 3**: What would you like to see more of in discussions about a kitchen cabinet?
- **Overall Suggestion**: "Sometimes, common sense is the best advisor you can have."


### Profile 4: The Innovator

**Age**: 25  
**Ethnicity**: Hispanic  
**UXr Profile**: Startup Founder

- **Question 1**: How does the kitchen cabinet challenge the status quo?
- **Question 2**: What opportunities for innovation do you see?
- **Question 3**: How could discussions be more forward-thinking?
- **Overall Suggestion**: "Why not digitize the kitchen cabinet concept? Think of it as your personal advisory board, but in the cloud."


### Profile 5: The Ethicist

**Age**: 60  
**Ethnicity**: Native American  
**UXr Profile**: Ethics Professor

- **Question 1**: Are there any ethical considerations overlooked?
- **Question 2**: How does the idea handle controversial topics like conflicts of interest?
- **Question 3**: What ethical guidelines should be followed?
- **Overall Suggestion**: "Ensure your kitchen cabinet is as diverse as the world around you to avoid ethical pitfalls."


#### Really Good Questions (RGQs) for Contemplation

- How can we ensure that the concept of a kitchen cabinet doesn't devolve into an echo chamber?
- What safeguards can be put in place to ensure that the advice from a kitchen cabinet is ethical and unbiased?

#### Call to Action (CTA)

1. Reflect on these questions and consider how they apply to your own understanding or implementation of a kitchen cabinet.
2. Seek out individuals who fit these profiles and engage them in a discussion based on these questions.

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