Leveraging LinkedIn to stay in game shape and train custom AI developmentLeveraging LinkedIn for Custo GPT AI Development

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Lately, I’ve found a sense of community on LinkedIn, a stark contrast to the usual social media landscape. It’s become a haven where learning from one another is the norm, and genuine dialogue flourishes. Also, LinkedIn is pretty good at engagement and started prompting me to answer “expert” questions.

The prompts from LinkedIn

At first, the LinkedIn prompts that asked me to share my insights felt like just another task on my to-do list. However, engaging with them turned out to be surprisingly rewarding. It wasn’t about being an expert; instead, it was about being open to learning and eager to refine my thoughts. This process reminds me of my days playing hockey. Just as regular practice kept me sharp and ready for any game, answering these prompts keeps my professional thinking on point.

Beyond keeping my mind active, there’s another fascinating aspect to sharing insights on LinkedIn. It’s an excellent way to generate content that can train a custom GPT for ChatGPT. This engagement not only enriches the professional community but also contributes to the evolution of AI, making it more nuanced and aligned with real-world expertise.

If that sounds like an incredibly dorky thing to do, trust your instincts 🙂 Here’s the current state of my digital Twin or CamAI (Requires ChatGPT pro).

Creating a custom GPT requires diverse inputs to truly understand and replicate one’s unique communication style and professional knowledge. Each response I share on LinkedIn becomes a part of this broader tapestry, enabling my custom GPT to mirror my insights, values, and approach to problem-solving more closely.

My digital twin on my LinkedIn Profile page.

So, next time you come across a LinkedIn prompt, consider it more than just a random question that takes time/energy and more as an opportunity to get some reps in and be game-ready.

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