In Search of Cranes: An AI Case Study in Storytelling and Translations

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TL;DR: I’m sharing these videos to demonstrate the current state of AI translations and dubbing for video production and training content.

I recently made a video to share with my family, and I heavily relied on AI to create the script, voice-over, and supporting graphics. I was curious about the current capabilities of AI in content creation and when we can expect to fully leverage its potential.

Here’s the original version (with lots of AI generation) (7 minutes)

The Translated Version: The second test was to see how good AI translations and dubbing are (7 minutes)

Case Study Notes

  • Despite using AI tools for the script, voiceover, and graphics, my video has been well received. This indicates a slow acceptance of AI as a part of our daily lives.
  • The AI-assisted storytelling is entertaining with plot twists, and era spefic language.
  • The full video took just six hours to complete, thanks to the many LEAN production tools like ChatGPT and
  • I created the soundtrack in Logic Pro
  • I recorded on my iPhone and edited in Final Cut with various tools to speed up the process.
  • I used ChatGPT for script writing and the image of CJ and William. I used Eleven Labs for the voiceover and the translation. Then, I re-dubbed the video to Spanish with the help of Eleven Labs.
  • I used Final Cut Pro and templates to complete a lot of work quickly with pre-made content that can be configured in various ways, similar to Photoshop filters or actions.

If you’re worried that AI might take your job, you don’t have to be. However, if AI is to enhance your work, someone who is might end up replacing you. To avoid this, it’s important to learn more about AI and start incorporating it into your work processes. Even small changes can make a big difference in your productivity and efficiency. So, don’t be afraid to explore what AI has to offer and take advantage of its benefits. you’re not using.

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