Executive Summary: “Framing Positivity – A Novel Engagement Channel” – Case Study

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Request: Approval for $75 to purchase a digital frame.

Purpose: To create a new engagement channel within our organization’s breakrooms by placing a digital frame that displays positive messages, reinforcing company values and themes.

Strategic Alignment: This initiative aligns with our goal of fostering more positive days by integrating learning and marketing strategies to reach employees in a relaxed environment, enhancing their positivity and reinforcing our organizational purpose.


Core Problem/Opportunity: Employees have limited time and are overwhelmed by traditional communication channels. The digital frame provides a novel, low-effort way to reinforce key messages and values, supporting our larger and more traditional eLearning and messaging efforts.

Expected Outcome: The digital frame will capture employees’ attention with short, engaging messages, helping to keep our company values and positive themes at the forefront of their minds throughout the day.

Options Considered

  1. Digital Channels: Chat tools, email, company homepage, desktop images, Zoom backgrounds.
    • Issue: These channels are already saturated and may not stand out.
  2. Physical Digital Frame:
    • Preferred: Provides a novel and less intrusive way to engage employees in a familiar setting like the breakroom.


  1. Employee Engagement: Employees will notice and appreciate the novelty of the digital frame, leading them to look forward to new content.
  2. Content Creation: We can consistently produce engaging content to keep the frame fresh and relevant.

Impact of Incorrect Assumptions: If employees do not engage with the frame, the project’s effectiveness will be limited, but the financial risk is minimal.

Milestones and Commitments

  1. Coordinate with a willing center director.
  2. Purchase and Install Frame: Order from a retailer, install in a test office.
  3. Content Jam Sessions: Weekly brainstorming sessions to curate and update content.

Backout Points

Minimal Risk: Given the low cost and non-intrusive nature, if the frame is not effective, it can be easily removed without any significant impact. The primary backout point is after a few months of testing and content updates, reassess engagement levels.


  1. Center Director Approval: Need coordination and approval from a center director for trial implementation.
  2. Content Creation: Depend on the team to generate and update content regularly.


None Significant: This initiative does not divert significant resources from other projects due to its low cost and minimal resource requirements.

Business Case Summary

This initiative represents a low-cost, innovative approach to engage employees. By placing a digital frame in the breakroom, we can deliver positive, reinforcing messages in a novel way that stands out from traditional, saturated communication channels. The project is designed to be flexible, with minimal financial risk and the potential for high engagement and impact on employee morale and alignment with company values. Moreover, it supports our larger and more traditional eLearning and messaging efforts by providing an additional touchpoint for our employees.

Next Steps:

  1. Approval of $75 for the digital frame.
  2. Coordinate installation and start content creation sessions.
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