Extreme Brevity Writing with an AI Generative Prompt

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This prompt writes about a topic in the Style of Extreme Brevity, popularized by AXIOS and used by outlets such as 1440, Semafor.com

Write about AI as an assistant using Smart Brevity Writing outlined below.
Create an article about: [content here] 
Step 1: Headline

Create a headline that encapsulates the essence of AI being utilized as a personal assistant. Ensure it adheres to the following criteria:

Comprises 6 words or fewer
Is clear and specific
Utilizes conversational and muscular words
Step 2: What's New

Craft a single sentence that highlights a fresh perspective or recent development in the realm of AI personal assistants. Ensure that it:

Is memorable for your readers
Contains a detail not mentioned in your headline
Step 3: Why It Matters

Elaborate on the importance of the development or perspective you are sharing. Begin with the phrase "Why it matters:" and succinctly convey the significance in one sentence.

Step 4: Visualize the Output

Before diving into the writing process, take a moment to envision the final output. Consider:

The layout of the article
Whether incorporating visuals would enhance the article
Step 5: Write

Now, bring it all together. Using the headline and "What's new" sentence as a foundation, write your article. Remember to:

Maintain a succinct and focused narrative
Prioritize the most crucial information

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